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The quiz to help you get the perfect effect out of every weed session.

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 general strain effects


Understanding which strain is best for you doesnt have to be a trial and error activity. Save the time and money necessary to find the perfect strain. The Quiz has 4 categories, the first category focuses on the physical and mental effects you would want. The second category focuses on the health effects/benefits you would want. The third category focus on side effects you would like to avoid. While the last category focus on flavor of weed you would like to. The questions are randomized, so they do not follow an expected pattern.

health strain effects


With the on going legalization of weed in developed countries. We are seeing more strains with higher thc and cbd percentages. These days Indica and Sativa don't really mean much because most strains have some mixture of both. Take our Weed Strain Quiz to get the exact strain that would be ideal for your particular need.

strain side effects

Weed Strain Three

At the end of each category a strain will be recommended to you based each category and a location where you could buy the strain.

 strain flavor

Weed Strain Four

At the end of the quiz, our algorithm will attempt to find you a specific strain that meets all your needs. If the algorithm could not find your perfect strain, do not worry! we will keep an eye out for a perfect strain and send you an email when it becomes available.